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Replacing a Damaged Piece of Carpet

carpet square how to tips adviceIf you have carpet, you know that there are times when part of it may need to be replaced. Stains and damage that is done to a particular spot on your carpet can be fixed by just replacing it with a new cut out of the same color of carpet. Once you are done, no one will ever know you have replaced that area.

Items Needed:

  • Seam Sealer
  • Double Sided Carpet Tape
  • Matching Carpet Square
  • Carpet Cutter


We recommend always cutting a square out when you have damage done to a spot on the carpet. As long as it’s not too large, you can still easily fix it with a carpet square you can get from you local carpet store.

Cut a square out around the stain or damaged area to remove the section. Make sure to only cut the carpet layer and not the layers underneath. Pull out the damaged piece. Cut your carpet square to fit the location you just removed. Grab your carpet tape and cut it the size of the square and stick it to the underlay. Apply sealer around the perimeter of your new piece of carpet. Carefully place your new square in place. Push it securely into place and avoid the area until the sealer is completely dry.

This is a quick and easy way of fixing any damage done to a small area of your carpet.

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