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Roberta Ramme’s Wave Chaise Lounger

wave chaise lounger tech gadgets

This could be all you need to put in your teens room. The Wave Chaise Lounger is an all-in-one media comfort center. Your teen will be able to do it all in one comfortable place; watch TV, listen to music, watch DVD’s, play video games, read, talk on the phone, or just sit back and relax. The Lounger has the TV, audio system, desk and bookshelf built in to it.

wave chaise lounger 001 tech gadgets

This is the coolest Chaise Lounger we have seen, and it’s made for the hi-tech junkie in us all. There is enough space for all your video, cd, and dvd needs in the side storage, above the bed shelf, and the storage shelf under the TV. The Wave Chaise even has three reading lights. Currently just a concept but we are sure you will see it for sale in the very near future.


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11 Comments so far to “Roberta Ramme’s Wave Chaise Lounger”
  1. mandy breanne Says:

    this is the most brilliantly thing ive ever seen!!
    its great!!! wanna have it

  2. liz Says:

    it looks great as a design…but im not sure about how confortable it is..

  3. Sandra Says:

    Where can I but this bed? Pleas add my MSN and tell me.

  4. HDF Says:

    @Sandra – Unfortunately we do not sell any of the items displayed on HDF. Thank you

  5. Mariah Says:

    Ok, where the heck can I buy one of these and how much? Please e-mail me at if you know. Thanks!

  6. kristen Says:

    how much is it i want one email me at

  7. Alena Says:

    Hi, where Can I buy this bed and how much does it cost?

  8. Linda Says:

    I dont think they are out yet but if anyone has information about it please submit it on here!!!

  9. ellen Says:

    how can i buy one of these?

  10. cheyenne Says:

    okayy ive looked at these so much i really want one but i cant find anywhere that sells them…i am gettin a new bedroom and would love to have one please any one who has any info email me at

  11. ash Says:

    OH MY!!!! ~ where may i purchase one!! email me please please. thank you and also how much do they usually cost

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