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Stretching the envelope: Tips on decorating a rental space

Modern apartments and rental spaces can be quite handful to deal with not just because they have limitations that you need to work around, but since the home does not belong to you there is always the character called a ‘landlord’ that you are wary off before altering anything.

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But if you are smart enough and use what is at handy in a daft manner then you can always turn the space into a sweet home without having to face the ire of the owner.It’s all about stretching the envelope without bursting it …

Use wallpaper and fabric smartly to change the walls around

The walls of your home constitute the most important part of the interiors and most often rental apartments actually sport sober colored interiors allowing you to improvise with what you have. But if someone has painted it bright orange, then a change is in order for sure. If a paint job is not authorized by your landlord, then you can use wallpaper and even light fabric to accentuate and change the walls.

Bring in your own carpets to alter the flooring

The next part of the room that needs to be sorted is the flooring and just like in the case of walls, if you are not allowed to change anything permanently then bring in the rugs and the carpets so that you hide the shades and spots that you actually do not fancy. Apart from giving the interiors a look that you want, it also adds tons of class and style.

Alter the electric fixtures that can be removed

While this doesn’t sound like much, altering all the stuff that you can screw out, store in a bag and replacing them with what goes with your furniture, makes an enormous difference to the space that surrounds you. You can always reattach the old ones before you leave and as long as you live there you can enjoy the ambiance of being surrounded by the little nuggets of joy that you like the most.

Add new dimensions with curtains and new centerpieces

There is always a certain new glow that furnishings and centerpieces bring to the room and if you wish to change the look of your home, bring in some dazzling pieces to revamp the existing look. You can add stuff like curtains and movable walls as temporary structures that will create partitions and new spaces.

Mirrors and lighting play a vital role

Using lighting in the right fashion to alter the perception of space and color is a key when it comes to decorating rental spaces. If you get the lighting wrong, even the best decorated room can appear boring and dull. One can always enhance the affect by using mirrors when needed and both can combine to make your home look awesome with little time, money and effort spent on it.

Redecorating a rental space and making it look like it was perfectly cut out for you is a task that is far simpler than it looks and if you understand your limitations, then it becomes all the more easier. Of course, if you have a very friendly landlord, then it is an absolute synch, but that is not likely to happen too often. All it need is a touch of bold creativity!

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