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Tips For Working Out What The Focal Point Of A Room Is

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From magazine to magazine and from interior design site to home decor site, the phrase ‘Focal Point’ is one you will see repeated many times over. But, just what is a focal point exactly and how can you identify if you already have one?

This post will look into both these things and also offer a few tips on how to create a focal point in a room that doesn’t already have one.

-A focal point is the spot in a room where a visitor’s eye will be drawn first. It could be a fireplace, a painting, a window, a mirror or even some structural feature of the house.

-Generally speaking the focal point of a room tends to be the largest feature of the room.

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-If you are going with the idea of having a clear focal point in a room then to get the maximum impact arrange your furniture around the focal point to frame it and draw further attention to the feature.

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– Windows can often be great focal points in the home. This is especially true if the widow frames a beautiful natural scene outside like a pretty bush, landscaped garden or wide, open country fields. If you are using the window as your focal point make sure again to organize furniture around that window so that the view is not blocked but can be admired.

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– The most effortless way to get a focal point in the room is to paint one wall a bright, bold color. This is a great idea for those on a budget and with little time as the whole job can easily be completed on quiet Sunday!

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