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Beloni’s New Tall Units

berloni tallunitnewglass1 storage organization

Berloni is the place to head to if you are in search of efficient storage. They design a range of products for living but their real forte has to be their storage units.

This new tall unit above, is a nice decorative change compared to just a plain white built in cupboard.

berloni tecno storage organization

The doors are made from frosted glass which gives them a cool high-gloss, lacquered look and they slide open easily so there is always easy access to whatever you choose to store inside.

beloni tallunitnewglass2 storage organization

There are many rooms in the home that would suit a Berloni tall unit, the bedroom is the first home for it that springs to mind. Clothing and shoe storage would never be a problem again!

berloni techno 2 storage organization

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