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Tips on Buying an Area Rug

area rugs how to tips adviceIf you are looking to add some character and personality to a cold boring room, there’s no better way than to add an area rug to your room. An area rug can add warmth, comfort, and reduce noise levels. When deciding to get a rug you have a few options to consider; fiber types , design type, and cost. These all factor in when you are looking for a rug. Check out these great tips to keep in mind while you look for your area rug…

  • Padding – Many rugs come with a large amount of padding but some do not. You can always buy a pad to go under your rug to give you more comfort and decrease the wear and tear on your rug.
  • Dark colors make a room feel smaller and cozier, lighter colors will make a room appear larger
  • Sizing – measure the area that you want to cover with a rug prior to going shopping. Rugs generally come in 4×6, 6×9, and 8×10. Depending on the size of the area, you will want to find which measurement works best for your room.
  • Shape – Don’t limit yourself to only rectangle rugs. Circular and octagonal shaped rugs may fit your room better and add a bit more elegance to the area.
  • Quality and Price – this may be the most important thing to keep in mind while shopping. How often do you want to have to replace your rug? If you buy low quality and low price you’ll have to replace the rug often. Too high a price or quality and you may end up feeling guilty and become so aware of the rug that you can’t enjoy it. Stick with a quality that is good and a price that you are comfortable with while still feeling good about your rug.
  • Handmade vs Machinemade – Of course, handmade will be the more expensive and the better quality. But you can still find high quality machine made rugs that look quite similar to the handmade versions.
  • Rug types :
    • Wool area rugs: Wool is the key element of high quality rugs. Wool rugs are more durable and resist dust mites and wear and tear.
    • Cotton area rugs: These wear quicker than wool rugs and cost less than wool. Cotton rugs will have a soft comfortable feel. They are usually used in conjunction with wool.
    • Silk area rugs:Silk rugs should be handled with extra care. They are favored for their luster and shine, often used in persion rugs.
    • Nylon area rugs: This synthetic type doesn’t hold their value like the others but they have good strength and are stain resistance. A good buy for someone who seeks a pretty good rug without the pretty price.

Area rugs can be placed on the wall for display or on the floor. Once you find the rug that’s perfect for your room, you will notice a dramatic change instantly.

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