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Tips on Hanging Wallpaper

wallpaper how to tips adviceHanging wall paper is one job, most people want to avoid. It can be long and tedious and if not done right, a major headache. If you are reading this you probably have decided that you are going to put up wall paper and you have some general instructions. We are going to give you some tips to remember when you are hanging your wall paper.

  1. Make sure you get enough wall paper. If you aren’t exactly sure how much you need, get a salesperson at the store to help. He will ask you for the dimensions of the room and will be able to tell you how much you will need.
  2. Get all your supplies before starting. Get everything you will possibly need before you start the job and you will have a better chance at completing it in one day.
  3. Sand your walls to smooth out any imperfections and then apply a coat of wallpaper primer prior to beginning. Let it dry completely before starting with your wallpaper.
  4. Empty room and cover items. Take all furniture and accessories out of the room and things you can’t remove cover with plastic…that’s including the floors Winking.
  5. Use a pencil and tape measure to mark exactly where you will start to hang your wallpaper.
  6. Remove all bubbles out towards edge of wall paper. You have about 10 minutes once you get a piece up to shift it around and get all the bubbles out before it is set.
  7. Use a soft damp sponge to wipe off all excess glue while smoothing wallpaper as you work.

These are a few tips to helping you on your journey through wallpaper. It can seem a bit overwhelming so try to get a friend or two to help and keep you company. Wallpaper can add character to a boring room, so it’s well worth it if you decide to do it.

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