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Home Sofa

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The Home Sofa will have you feeling all comfy and cozy. A special polyurethane makes it comfortable and give it a snug seat. We guess you can say the Home Sofa makes you feel right at “home” Happy. The Home is not just a sofa, it’s a seating system which can be mixed and matched to whatever mood you’re in. Elements such as a large pouf, chaise lounge, and multi-sections of the couch help to make up the seating system and lets you add your own personal touch.

home sofa 02 furniture 2

Home features a rounded frame that holds the cushions snuggly in place. Distinguished by the rounded frame and the high backrest, this is one sofa that you will love to show off as well as lounge on. The sofa cover comes in fabric or leather and is fully removable. Learn more about the Home Sofa at CTS Salotti.

home sofa furniture 2

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  1. Italian Leather Sofas Says:

    A great looking sofa, i love the look and feel :)

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