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Clean Cut White Sandstone Home in Mallorca

Miguel Angel Lacomba 1 interiors

Architect Miguel Angel Lacomba made this house constructed of white sandstone as clean and simple as possible, to meet a client brief that put clarity at the top of the wish list.

Miguel Angel Lacomba 2 interiors

The result is a vacation home on the island of Mallorca with beautiful clean lines, using sandstone, a soft white limestone, with the stark white of the sandstone cleanly offset by the brown of the wood for the shutters that completely open the walls of the rooms to the sun and the air.

Miguel Angel Lacomba 3 interiors

Stark, bold shapes serve to define the bathroom as an adjunct to a simple, comfortable and elegant bedroom at the very center of the house, with a restricted minimal color palette of white and browns.

Miguel Angel Lacomba 5 interiors

With well-placed clerestory windows on all of the North-facing, and huge open walls to the South the interiors are filled with light and filtered light.

Miguel Angel Lacomba 6 interiorsThe simple restricted palette of white set off by the richness of the brown wood extends to the stairway at the center of the house.

Miguel Angel Lacomba 11 interiors

The whole residence is reflected in the turquoise of the pool outside the entirely brown and white house, adding a third color for relief beyond this gorgeous Mallorcan house.

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  1. Reactive Lighting Says:

    The background to the house is great looking but I think the view of the man made pool from the huge open design is an even better look.

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