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Making More Space by Hiding Kitchens

dmvA Architecten kitchen kitchen

From dmvA Aitecten here is yet another colorful new way to hide the kitchen in plain sight behind a folding wall.

dmvA Architecten 2 kitchen

An elegant dining and entertaining room turns out to be the kitchen itself. Just slide the panels to the side.

Moove01closing kitchen

But another way of making a kitchen disapear is to slide the entire thing up and down, as we covered in Green Transformer Furniture here. To cook, you’d take out the ingredients you will be using, then slide the entire cabinet up on automated sliders.

Moove01open kitchen

Once the the entire kitchen cabinet is up in its workspace configuration, you can cook and wash up.

When you finish cooking, clean up and slide it down closed. The sink faucets can slide up into an empty space hidden in the cabinet above, and there is a small space recessed into the top cabinets above the stove burners.

tiny kitchen1 kitchen

Don’t have that much free wall space? Here’s an even tinier kitchen that we covered last year.

tiny kitchen3 kitchen

It is simply a cabinet hidden in a frame when not in use. To cook and wash up, simply slide it out and the push-down faucet pops up, ready for use. Pots and pans are stored underneath, and the black slide-out drawer holds plates as well as cutlery.
tiny kitchen7 kitchen
When you need to cook, the stove with a ceramic cooktop just slides out of the end of the cabinet. Each of these clever hidden kitchens makes it possible to live well in smaller spaces. And with more and more of us on this planet, we’ll need to!

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