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Design Dilemma: Five Design Trends on Their Way Out in 2017

We’ve already discussed a few key trends for 2017, including upholstered headboards, the return of forest green, the use of jewel colors at home, and a greater use of warm materials such as cork, wood and  terra cotta tile. Now it’s time to discuss the trends of last year that are quickly fading.


  1. OUT: Glitzy metals like chrome, brass, copper and gold. IN: unlacquered brass and organic textures.
Prospect Heights Brownstone

Brass and gold had a very brief run in popularity in the last couple of years, but already the tide has turned away from Trumpian glitz. Instead, the design world is increasingly turning to very organic materials, or at the very least, unlacquered metals and unlacquered brass, in what is known as a “living finish” that resembles something very organic and alive. You get a bit of the idea below, with a wall of unlacquered brass that lends the bathroom a soft, organic spa feel.

Palm Springs Retreat

2. OUT: Minimalism. IN: Maximalism.


Minimalism has had a very long run, thanks in part, to the availability of products that has most of us swimming in more than enough stuff. Many of us just want to pare down. However, in recent years, this has often been taken to an extreme, especially in modernist and Mid-Century Modern environments where layering and patterns seemed verboten. Well, these days we’re craving a little coziness. Maximal interiors, like the one below, are not necessarily cluttered, but make full use of patterns, colors, layers, and a rich mix of textures and materials, including leather, velvet and sheepskin, contrasted with metal and wood.

Living Room

The maximal living room below, does much the same thing in a profusion of rich deep color, pattern and textures. Say yes to wallpaper ad patterned rugs!

new photos

3. OUT: Reclaimed and dark woods. IN: lighter woods.

Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

Reclaimed and dark woods have been everywhere in the past few years. So ubiquitous, in fact, that we all knew it was just a matter of time before the trend would grow old. Well, that time has come. Instead of reclaimed woods and very dark finishes like mahogany and ebony, people are opting for lighter woods such as oak, birch and pear which always seem to feel fresh and modern. Raw wood finishes, especially popular on dining room tables featuring “live edges” will continue to be popular. The red birch kitchen below is one example.

Hillsdale kitchen

And below, another kitchen utilizing sustainably-sourced birch plywood:

Contemporary Eco Kitchen in the Cotswolds

4. OUT: Open kitchens. IN: Separate kitchens.

Botany House

We’re still trying to wrap our heads around this one, as open kitchens are a mainstay in many homes and still highly-prized. Still, there are a subset of cooks who want to be able to shut the doors on the mess and cooking odors in the kitchen. Luckily, many designers and architects are listening to their desires.


5. OUT: Marble. IN: Terrazo and other types of stones and composites.

Chelsea Project

It’s hard to believe that luxurious marble could ever really go out of style, but what’s happened is probably just a reaction to overexposure. It seems that every upscale kitchen these days features Carrara marble countertops and backsplashes. People are likely to opt for something a little different in 2017 by choosing other types of materials, including Terrazzo. (Likewise, subway tile also suffers from overexposure and is likely on the way out.) Below, a shower style in Terrazzo:

Basalt &Terrazzo

And below, a Terrazzo floor:

Park St

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