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Design Dilemma: Five Design Trends for 2017

Santa Rosa Residence

Welcome to 2017! As we ring in the new year, we’re assessing design trends to get a handle on what’s “in” and “out.” Now certainly, design trends do not move as fast as fashion trends do. It takes several years for a look, let’s say “industrial” or “Mid-Century Modern” to run their course. And at times, it seems as if some of these trends are never going to die.  Mid-Century Modern is a good example of a long-lived trend that has now been around for close to two decades. And yet, little by little, styles and interior ideas are changing. For example,  this year, as opposed to recent years, the large furniture chains are suggesting that 2017 will be the year of Japanese Minimalism and Italian Vintage Modern. Here’s a quick look at a few of the trends that prognosticators predict will be hot this year.

1. Green as the new black.
Deep dark green, emerald green, forest green and deep olives, seem to be the “it” color of the year, as seen above and below. Green is organic and soothing, and depending on the exact tone, can come off as homey or regal. Expect to see more forest green sofas and emerald green occasional chairs!

Brooklyn apartment
Entertainment Centers



2. Jewel tones.

And it’s not just emerald green that is back in a big way, any jewel tones, from deep blue to magenta to deep purple are favored this year.  Jewel tones are warm but elegant. In velvet, they project a sense of luxury and posh comfort which is a nice change from the hard-edged metal and distressed leather of the industrial style, or the prim, muted grays and beiges of Mid-Century Modern. Below, a living room manages to use many jewel tones while still coming off as light-hearted and lively.

Living Room

And below, a living room utilizing some of the same jewel tones comes off in a completely different way, as a cozy parlor for evening conversation:

Notting Hill

And here, again, emerald green, which pops in a wonderful way against smoky, charcoal walls:

Photo by Ingrid Rasmussen Photography – Discover contemporary living room design ideas

3. Upholstered Bedheads.
Another interesting trend we’ve noted is the move toward upholstered bedframes over the wooden and metal frames of the past. Upholstery can come off as luxe  — like something you might see in a high-end hotel. While it’s a shift away from hard edges, we wonder how long this trend will last given the fact that more of us are conscious of banishing allergens such as dust mites from our bedrooms!

Fulham Garden Flat

The nice thing about upholstery, is that without much effort or fanfare, you can achieve a completely different vibe. Above, a traditional bedroom sports a powder blue headboard that suggests the homey comfort of grandma’s house. And below, tall headboards upholstered in velvet exude a sense of luxury and sensuality.

Suburban Modern

The black upholstered headboard below manages to come off as youthful and graphic when paired with a graphic polkadot bedspread and bright chartreuse pillows:

Interior Styling

4. Warmer materials, including terra cotta and cork.
With the advent of the industrial look, metals have had a good, long run. But in 2017, prognosticators predict that people will be looking to bring more warmth into their homes. This may come in the form of terra cotta tiles, cork walls or floors, or more use of wood.
Below, a living room warms up, thanks to terra cotta tiles.


Here, cork floors add warmth:

New Home Cork

And below, traditional wood floors are always in style! Note the jewel tones in the room:

New Home Cork

5. Closed kitchens.

This is a surprise development, as open kitchens have been heavily favored for a number of years. But naturally, as with any trend, there is always a backlash. Although many of us love the interactivity and informality of an open kitchen there are those that crave the privacy and formality of a closed-off space.

Contemporary Farmhouse Style

Are you curious about what’s headed out of style? Tune in next time as we explore the trends to avoid in the new year!

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