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Design Trends: Sofas for 2013

Cornersofa1 500x500 interiors

Buying a sofa is scary.  That’s because a sofa is often one of the most expensive furniture pieces in your home.  It takes center stage, and can make or break a room.  And if your home is like most, your sofa will be subjected to years of heavy use and abuse — meaning you can’t really scrimp on quality.

Yep, buying a sofa is a serious, serious thing.

So how can you make it a bit easier? Start by getting acquainted with the latest trends in couches:

Corner sofas are in. Yes, corner sofas and sectionals were a big trend back in the 70s, and the trend has come full circle. As homes become less formal, with one space flowing seamlessly into another, it seems that people want couches that are also less formal, and far more comfortable. Sectional and corner sofas allow for at least a couple of people to stretch out, put their feet up and relax in a way that traditional couches don’t.

DenverJumboGrey 500x500 interiors

Above, it’s easy to see how a whole family could stretch out and get comfortable on this monster of a couch.  Although corner sofas tend to work best in expansive rooms with the dimensions to handle their grand stature, furniture manufacturers are now also offering sectionals and corner sofas in more modest dimensions. Below, a corner sofa from 123sofa is small enough to fit into an apartment but large enough to boast the same put-up-your-feet factor.
cornersofa 500x500 interiors

Chesterfield couches are back.

chesterfield 300x158 interiors

These are the sofas that you see featured in English dramas like Downton Abbey. And yet, this very traditional look is back in a fresh way. How do you know a chesterfield when you see one? It features tufted cushions, and arms and back of the same height. Traditional versions have rolled arms and sit on tooled wooden legs. The key to incorporating a chesterfield into your home is to pair the traditional chesterfield with all things modern. Or, you can make your chesterfield feel modern and fresh by incorporating bright colors and patterns, as you see above.

Leather is holding it’s own.

TheAshingtonSeaterBlackLeatherSofaSuite 500x500 interiors

There’s just no denying that, while leather sofas never truly went out of style, they seem to be picking up steam in a big way. In our increasingly informal homes, leather just seems to fit the bill — allowing the whole family, including pets, to hang out on the couch to eat, watch TV and do everything else. These days, leather comes in a myriad of colors and styles, and there’s even “ecoleather” faux leather for those who object to leather on moral or ethical grounds.

So there you have it, the latest trends in sofas in 2013. Good luck on your new purchase, and don’t forget to measure your space and potential couch before you buy!

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