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Arclinea Italia

italia kitchen kitchen

Whenever there’s mention of an Italian kitchen we know it will be exquisite and functional, the perfect space for a home chef. Arclinea’s Italia is a beautiful professional kitchen that is full of goodies and storage. Italia comes in 4 different layouts, all of which have an abundance of storage units, great feature since you can never have enough space in the kitchen. It also is equipped with the latest in technology making it quite functional.

arclinea italia kitchen

The double island layout is identified by its wall of teak cupboards and the double island, of course Winking. Italia has 2 different straight layouts which are both stainless steel with a 12cm worktop, only one has a peninsula snack table and a professional 5 burner cook-top. The last layout is, our favorite, the linear kitchen. It is a mix of stunning teak and stainless steel, a beautiful combination of materials, and it features a slatted teak dining table and ceiling high teak walls. Teak is a very durable, easily maintained wood, a good choice for a kitchen area. Arclinea is full of more images and information about the Italia kitchen, read more and find out how to get your dream kitchen from them.

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