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Foa Porte Synthesy

foaporte synthesy home improvement

The Synthesy door is an unexpected beautiful change from the normal door. First look, gives remembrance of the elegant Japanese Shoji doors. The Synthesy is just as elegant but it is made out of laminated clear or frosted glass with assorted melted glass applications and decorations. The glass is handmade by Foa Porte’s expert glass-makers, impressive. More impressive is the fact that the wood used for the door is created specific to the customer’s measurements, so you’ll always get a correct fit.

synthesy door home improvement

Sure, to be unlike any door you may see in your neighbor’s home Winking, which is always a great feature. It is offered as a sliding, concealed-in wall, and swing door, ideal for any of your areas. This is a great door for almost any design you may have. Check out Foa Porte to see more of this sleek, attractive door.

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