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Dada Tivali Kitchen

tivali kitchen kitchen

The Tivali kitchen is ideal for those having small spaces but still desiring class and style. The kitchen can act as a room divider for a large open space or can be placed on a wall to give more room to a small area. The Tivali also has cool sliding doors, that when open, seem to just disappear. The patented double door system folds and cleverly goes into a side compartment, leaving plenty of room to work. The kitchen neatly houses all your kitchen appliances and even has a dishwasher and overhead hood.

tivali kitchen 01 kitchen

It comes available in glossy lacquer, black-brown oak or light oak. This just goes to show even a small space can have a stunning modern kitchen. Check out this space saving kitchen at Dada.

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  1. Alessandra Canepa Says:

    Can you please tell me the size of this kitcken and indicative price?

    Also can you give me a contact phone number?

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