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Design Dilemma: Trends in Kitchen Backsplashes

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Kitchen trends come and go.  And so we are in the midst of a few striking changes when it comes to kitchen design. Backsplashes are changing their look. The glass and mosiac tiles of last year are giving way to sleek solid surfaces. What’s the benefit? Well, aside from a different look, one continuous surface is much easier-to-clean with no joints, grout lines or other places for grime to collect. We’re seeing these backsplashes everywhere. For instance, here’s Cararra marble used in a traditional kitchen.

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And here’s a solid surface glass backsplash used in a rigorously modern kitchen:

modern kitchen how to tips advice

Here’s the look in red, accomplished by affixing a glass panel to a red wall:

modern kitchen how to tips advice

And here’s a handsome solid surface backsplash made of stainless steel:

modern kitchen how to tips advice

Solid surfaces look sleek, but they can also feel a little boring. To avoid that problem, the homeowners below took a colorful piece of cloth and laminated it between two sheets of glass for a little bit more oomph.

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Aside from the cleaning aspect of this new trend, there are several more advantages: 1) If you’ve been hankering for Calcutta or Carrara marble but can’t fanthom the idea of the inevitable red wine or tomato sauce stain, it’s a way of using your favorite material with less risk. True, tomato sauce can still splash onto your backsplash (that’s what it’s for, after all!) but such episodes are greatly reduced compared to using the material as a countertop. 2) It’s a particularly striking way to set off a beautiful pattern in stone. Veining, seen in its uncut entirety across the expanse of a wall is like modern art. 3) Depending on what material you use for your solid surface, from stone to glass to stainless steel, laminate or a composite, a solid surface can be an economical choice. Although we can see the practical advantages to a solid surface backsplash, we have to admit, we still have a predilection for the pattern and verve that tile backsplashes can offer in a kitchen. Without it, kitchens can feel a little clinical. What do you think?

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