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Design Dilemma: Warming Up An Industrial Kitchen

modern kitchen interiors

Kitchens have gone industrial in the last decade or so. Stainless steel appliances, concrete countertops, industrial lighting, white cabinets and white subway tile have ruled the day. We’ve loved the trend, but sometimes we yearn for a feeling of warmth and homespun comfort — you know, the kitchens of yesteryear.

Recently, we happened upon this kitchen in a San Francisco Victorian, done by Schwartz and Architecture  that manages to deftly walk a very fine line. It feels modern and sleek with even a bit of an industrial edge and plenty of stainless steel, but it also feels warm, woodsy and homey. Let’s take a closer look:

Centerstage in this light-filled space, which evolved out of an exterior porch,  is a custom island / drop-leaf table. It can convert from a casual family dining area to seating for twelve. Open shelving and a series of custom ledges keep the kitchen feeling casual, yet modern at the same time.

modern kitchen interiors


Here’s another view:

modern kitchen interiors

What we love so much about this kitchen is it’s simplicity. Clean lines and few fancy adornments highlight the beauty of all the wood. A stainless steel backsplash is the perfect industrial complement to the warm wood. The stainless steel also works well with the industrial swivel chairs and the industrial-look countertop.

modern kitchen interiors

Part of the open kitchen functions as a pantry:

modern kitchen interiors

The picture below puts the kitchen in context, demonstrating how it grew out of an old porch.

modern exterior interiors
modern exterior interiors

And here is a view of the home from the front:

traditional exterior interiors


The architects describe the former kitchen as “undersized and isolated from the life of the current house.” ” Our work updates this ad hoc space, bringing it into the natural flow of the rest of the structure, and creating a stronger, more modern relationship to the rear yard.”

We applaud a successful kitchen remodel that manages to stay modern and warm while working within a Victorian context. Good job!

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