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Gorenje Ora-Ito Collection

gorenje ora ito kitchen

This awe inspiring kitchen is the latest masterpiece by young French designer, Ora-Ito. He combines the newest kitchen technology with, in our opinion, unsurpassable design. The collection is a mesh of well placed kitchen appliances with elegant architecture behind a mirrored black facade. An unbelievable artwork that can best be described as sleek, simple, and sophisticated; everything you want in a kitchen.

ora ito2 kitchen

Covered completely with black glass and brushed aluminum handles, quite a beautiful combination isn’t it? The true uniqueness of this design is that every section is in one continuous piece and the edges are rounded, you have no hard edges or corners. Available in either completely black or black and silver, this is one sweet kitchen Not worthy. This very well could be the kitchen of tomorrow, today! Want to know more about the Ora-Ito Collection, go take a look, you’ll be impressed!

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