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Karbon Articulating Faucet

kholer karbon faucet kitchen

New. Life. Form. That’s the tag line for Kohler faucets new Karbon faucet, and for good reason. It’s more than a faucet, it’s like an extension of your arm. The fluid movement and versatility of the Karbon makes it leaps above the competition. Karbon offers total range of motion with 5 pivoting joint that seems to instinctively respond to your touch. A definite must-see in action. It delivers up to a 13″ reach and 18″ of clearance beneath the spout, perfect for any cook. The built-in sprayer head offers two different spray options. Karbon’s robotic like features will have you wanting one of your own, as we do Winking. Made of brass and carbon fiber, it can also be used hands-free, a definite plus. The Karbon Articulating Faucet is due out later this year, you can get a sneak peak of it in action at Kohler.

karbon kitchen

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