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Grace Kitchen

grace kitchen kitchen

The Grace Kitchen is minimalism at it’s finest. It comes in 2 versions, either with the burners showing on the top (Grace) or the table can slide apart and reveal a flat cooking top (Grace 2). Shulte’s guarantees a simple and safe kitchen. It uses a new technology where the surface only heats up when pots are on it. For this reason, once you are finished cooking the top is cooled down.

grace 2 kitchen kitchen

The kitchen also features a pot rack under the table. Adding to the clever storage are the 3 plus 2 drawers. They give plenty of room for small utensils and knives. The Grace kitchen also offers built in main outlets keeping all cables neat and tidy in one central place. This kitchen gives you a light airy feeling with it’s open functional design. Have a look at Schulte Design.

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