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INO Meuble “Crystal”

ino meuble cabinet kitchen

The kitchen’s not just for cooking, it’s for admiring with the addition of the stunning INO Meuble Crystal. Imagine a fantasy kitchen full of sparkle and jewelry and you will find a woman’s dream area. This kitchen has been brought to life by Toyo Kitchen Style. The INO Meuble is the flagship design by Toyo Kitchen. Large drawers, 135° angled islands, 3D sinks and best of all diamond studded handles make for an impressive kitchen. The jeweled handles add glamour and style and the kitchen space is creatively matched to the color of the crystals. INO Meuble Crystals use pure swarovski crystals in their “kitchen jewelry”.

ino meuble kitchen kitchen

The Chinese Bell Flower chair designed by Masonuri Umeda makes a needed addition to the dressed up kitchen. The chair is covered entirely by swarovski crystals and fits in perfectly with the bejeweled kitchen. Toyo Kitchen Style turns the “Kitchen into a Jewel“. In the market for a one of a kind jaw dropping kitchen, look no farther than Toyo Kitchen Style’s INO Meuble Crystal.

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