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Isola Positano

isola kitchen kitchen

Kitchens will never feel the same after one look at the Isola Positano elements by Toyo Kitchen. Isola features 3 main components each more breathtaking and creative the other. How envious will guest be to see this incredible kitchen when walking into your home. A beautiful collaboration of modern style and glamour.

isola island kitchen

The Island Core gives the appearance of an upscale stainless steel block. It features an under shelf and 45° beveled edges. This Island can be used as a dining area or simply as an island.

isola type 2 kitchen

Isola type 2 houses the sink, stove and has a sleek range hood added into it. Made as a large block, it seems to hover above the floor.  

isola storage kitchen

What kitchen would be complete without plenty of storage? The storage for Isola comes in the form of a large sliding door cabinet system. Highlighted with flat bar aluminum handles, it is a stunning accent to this astonishing modern kitchen.  Find out more about all of these elements and the exquisite high grade coatings and finishes at Toyo Kitchen.

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