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Maximum Style With The Maxima Kitchen

kitchen4 kitchen

This stunning kitchen comes from an Italian design website. The whole idea behind the Maxima kitchen is to allow the buyer flexibility in the home by allowing customers to pick and choose the elements they want and leave out the ones they don’t.

The website says the main features of the Maxima kitchen are:

Its smooth surfaces that are contrasted by the vertical and horizontal lines of the storage units.

There are also many other elements to this kitchen that make it both unique and interesting.

In the picture below we can see that the use of two small, circular stainless steel sinks in the crescent shaped workstation offers the eye a variety of textures. There is clearly a deliberate juxtaposition between the white of the work-top surface and the shiny metal of the sink basin and the exposed gas hob rings.
hdfkitchen1 kitchen

This is the Maxima kitchen re-invented to create a different look but still using pieces from the same collection. This particular kitchen gives off a real sense of calm, tranquility and balance just by its use of mixing blocks of black color with a background of pure white. The design is mainly linear, with a strong use of straight lines and corners but it is softened by the semi-circular work surface towards the right of the room.

hdfkitchen2 kitchen

In this last example of the Maxima range wood has been introduced as a material. The colors of the wood have also been reflected in the choice of chair color, but again the main focus is on the sleek, graphic qualities of the angles of the units. Also worth noting is the simple shelving to the right hand side of the room which offers storage space but is not intrusive or over bearing.

kitchen3 kitchen

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