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How To Implement The Industrial Look In Your Home

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The industrial style in home decoration has been popular for sometime, but just recently it is undergoing quite a renaissance with people realizing what a sleek, clean look it really is. In this post you’ll find some great accessories and furniture that you can place in your home to create the look for yourself at a reasonable price.

First up we have this great storage chest with embossed chrome doors. In the photo they have it up against an exposed brick wall but it would show off its industrial credentials even more if placed against a crisp white wall.  Industrial Style Chest, from at $279.

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With a focus on  more affordable items, why not check out auction sites like ebay, you can still get real treasures from places like this. This Vintage 1940’s industrial lamp is up at the moment for just $34.99

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This interesting table is from Ikea so it has a sweet price tag but looks like a designer item. Although in the photo it might not be clear, the table is made of chrome so it has a shiny silver surface. The other thing worth noting with this table is that it is not as harsh as some industrial tables can be, the look has been soften by the curves of the legs. The table is called Vika Hyttan/ Vika Fintorp, from, $139

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  1. STX Says:

    Also, get some Bauhaus chairs. Like Barcelona, or the wassily chair.


    I just bought 5 of these tables. I love the look of them! I am not worried about scratching, as I have a steel table I bought at the Conran shop years ago that is scratched and it looks like a patina. The cool thing about these tables is I bought all 5 for less than the price I paid for the Conran table. The bad thing is that the predrilled holes are not made for the table top, which makes no sense to me since they show the metal curved legs with the metal tabletop in the catalog and stores. I emailed Ikea since I don’t have a power drill and have no idea how to use one! Maybe I will have a handyman come over and do it. It just sucks cuz it is such a gorgeous look but it cannot be assembled the way it comes.

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