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Phillipe Starck For Alessi

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What with these strange economic times and everyone feeling the pinch at the moment, it’s not hard to see that people may be a little more reluctant than usual  to spend big bucks on new home decor items. For that reason this post is all about a product that will update your kitchen, costs only £40 and is designed by the one and only Philippe Starck!

Called the Juicy Salif, this is a lemon squeezer designed by Starck specifically for the king of kitchens, Alessi.

The squeezer was originally designed over 18 years ago and the product itself has quite a history.

Back in 1990 Alessi approached Starck to ask him to design a product for them, they told him they wanted a stainless steel tray but Starck had other ideas all together…

Rumor has it that Starck was sitting down for a meal of squid, squeezed some lemon over his dish, was instantly inspired and doodled some rough designs of the Juicy Salif onto a paper napkin. He sent it to Alessi who could see the beauty of the design and commissioned it. The rest is history…..

philippestarckalessi juicysalif2 kitchen

The actual product itself is a curious shape and looks almost like some kind of alien creature or perhaps a shiny chrome rocket.

Juicy Salif would look great on any kitchen worktop and it will bring a chic sense of Starck’s uber-cool aesthetics straight into your home.

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