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Siematic S1 Kitchen

s1 siematic kitchen kitchen

Take a look at the Siematic S1, an elegant family friendly kitchen. It has the look of minimalism but cleverly hides highly functional storage spaces in every “nook and cranny”. Siematic S1 is filled with high end appliances and high quality materials. Designed with a spacious floor plan, workability is at its highest level in this kitchen. This is, indeed, a kitchen designed for living in.

siematic s1kitchen storage kitchen

Siematic wonderfully incorporates comfort and workability in the stunning clean design. The kitchen is available in truffle grey, velvet oak and sukupira graphite. Learn more and watch the video about the Siematic S1 kitchen at Siematic.

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  1. aideal Says:

    Very nice and high tech. kitchen set invention, congratulation you have a good quality products.

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