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Softseating Kraft Paper

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Designers Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen have come up with a new concept in seating. Modular stools and loungers made completely out of Kraft paper. Pretty original! The flexible seating has no set arrangement which leaves you with endless possibilities for personalizing your furniture.

softseating1 furniture 2

The Softseating uses a honeycomb structure to allow it to fan open (almost like an accordion) creating loungers, stools, and benches. Using magnetic connectors, the seating makes it possible to link sections together. Softseating also can be fanned and stacked creating pedestals, tables and backrests. Available in colors of natural, unbleached brown Kraft paper, and deep black with bamboo charcoal ink which emphasizes the honeycomb patterns. Learn more about this ingenious design at Molo.

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  1. shann Says:

    This concept is GREAT

    Aside from the fact it’s not too safe if your house catches on fire.

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