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Snaidero Kitchens

venus kitchen kitchen

The Venus Kitchen is formed with a stunning one piece Solid Surface top that makes the countertop. Every surface of this kitchen flows seamlessly from one element to the next. Forming a stylish area with plenty of storage. A combination of stainless steel, LED lighting and modern design make up the different versions of this kitchen. It’s available in tons of colors and finishes.

skyline kitchen kitchen

The Skyline kitchen is an ergonomically adapt kitchen making work in the space comfortable and functional. With plenty of internal and external storage the Skyline is sure to house all your kitchen gadgets. This is one shapely kitchen!

time kitchen kitchen

An exquisite kitchen characterized by either teak, cherry, light oak, dark oak, and matte lacquer. Time kitchen is known by the 9cm thick worktop and side panels that symmetrically follow the lines of the cabinets.  An original hood and handle design make up the specific details of the Time kitchen.

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  1. Dirbtinis Says:

    Great Kitchens;)

  2. Geoffrey Says:

    It is very attractive. By the way, do you use bamboo material for your product in the past?

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