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Modern Syntesi Kitchen

syntesi kitchen kitchen

This high end kitchen is very customizable. It has a number of options for doors, handles and the structures. The laminated doors comes in 127 matte colors and three types of wood or you can have aluminum. Microline doors are offered in 12 different types including zebrano and teak.

The drawing rack and wall units are made either all glass or glass and laminated doors. Glass and laminate make a striking combination. Horizontal handles accent the doors in this kitchen and make every door, no matter the color or wood, blend to create the attractive Syntesi Kitchen.

syntesi evolution kitchen

Syntesi evolution uses the same qualities but has smooth curved angles, making a continuous flow to each part of the kitchen. An island adds more work space and beauty to the Syntesi Evolution. Clean, Striking and Functional; that’s the Syntesi Kitchen. Check it out at Vitali Cucine.

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