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  • Thumbnail image of Amazing ISOLA Linear Kitchen by TOYO Kitchen & Living

    Amazing ISOLA Linear Kitchen by TOYO Kitchen & Living

    Just when we think modern kitchens couldn’t get any sleeker, we see the “Linear” concept in the ISOLA series of the Japan-based TOYO Kitchen & Living Co., Ltd. Its beautiful design, based on the cantilever architectural structure, introduces new values in contemporary home interior, making the kitchen a true “object d’art”. “New values” means innovations – this [...]

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  • Thumbnail image of Beautiful Kitchens From Bravo

    Beautiful Kitchens From Bravo

    Bravo is an Italian company that specializes in creating high-quality, perfectly crafted kitchens. One of their most interesting kitchen collections is this, The High Cube.

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  • Thumbnail image of Contemporary Kitchen: System 30

    Contemporary Kitchen: System 30

    System 30 is a sleek new kitchen by SCIC. It is an impressive collaboration of high quality materials and modern design. System 30 is a nice change from the mass produced “cookie cutter” kitchens and a much welcomed design in kitchen elegance. The kitchen is characterized by 30mm thick leaf or coplanar doors and colors [...]

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  • Thumbnail image of Modern Syntesi Kitchen

    Modern Syntesi Kitchen

    This high end kitchen is very customizable. It has a number of options for doors, handles and the structures. The laminated doors comes in 127 matte colors and three types of wood or you can have aluminum. Microline doors are offered in 12 different types including zebrano and teak. The drawing rack and wall units [...]

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  • Thumbnail image of Isola Positano

    Isola Positano

    Kitchens will never feel the same after one look at the Isola Positano elements by Toyo Kitchen. Isola features 3 main components each more breathtaking and creative the other. How envious will guest be to see this incredible kitchen when walking into your home. A beautiful collaboration of modern style and glamour.

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