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Chandeliers by Eva Menz: Sculptural Creativity

eva menz chandeliers 1 lighting

As they become a spectacular centerpiece all on their own, the amazing creations by designer Eve Menz seem to add a lot more to interior spaces than just light. Breaking away from tradition, the chandeliers seem to be borrowing origami patterns while taking vivid and vivacious shapes that vary from a vintage looking wooden finish to an ultra-modern crystalline design. While some look like drops of rain suspended in air and frozen in time, others spread romantic vibes with scarlet delights. But the best thing is that they look like potential DIY models. Either get yourself going or get the creative Eve Menz to do it for you. Simply adoring. [via ApartmentTherapy]

eva menz chandeliers 3 lighting

eva menz chandeliers 4 lighting

eva menz chandeliers 5 lighting

eva menz chandeliers 6 lighting

eva menz chandeliers 7 lighting

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