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  • Thumbnail image of Chandeliers by Eva Menz: Sculptural Creativity

    Chandeliers by Eva Menz: Sculptural Creativity

    As they become a spectacular centerpiece all on their own, the amazing creations by designer Eve Menz seem to add a lot more to interior spaces than just light. Breaking away from tradition, the chandeliers seem to be borrowing origami patterns while taking vivid and vivacious shapes that vary from a vintage looking wooden finish […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Ochre Chainmail Chandelier

    Ochre Chainmail Chandelier

    This stunning chandelier is made of 3 layers of chainmail with edges of red, white, black, brown saddle leather or nickel finish. The 1st shown chandelier was created for a private residence in London, England and the picture below was designed for a commercial client. Both are simply gorgeous. The Chainmail Chandelier is large, measuring […]

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