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Fambuena Swing

swing light lighting

A sophisticated light fixture may have appeared hard to find, not anymore. The Swing is the first sexy, sophisticated chandelier we have found. A suspension chandelier that “wears” it’s fabric covering like a swingin’ 60’s fringe dress. The Swing comes in green, white, black, flax, violet, grey, and red. Choose your mood!

swing light01 lighting

This spectacular chandelier will look amazing in any chic room you decide. Because it’s on a suspension it can be any height you choose, when you choose. It features a handy pull chord making it simple to set the height. Ready to get swingin’, get the Swing Chandelier from Fambuena.

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  1. Mike Says:

    The Swing and other Fambuena products are distributed exclusively in North America by Boutique Design Products, Inc. (732-271-0700, http://www.boutiquedesignproducts.com)

  2. HDF Says:

    @Alfredo – Thanks for the compliments!

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