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The Slyngstad Residence

slyngstad home interiors

Hawaii is thought to be most people’s paradise, we know it is ours. An amazing island with exquisite views and weather. Hawaii’s wonder and beauty is only rivaled by the incredible Slyngstad home. The Slyngstad Residence is right at home on Maui. A dream location made for luxurious tropical living. With large rooms and incredible views, you’ll feel at one with nature in the open roomed home. Slyngstad features a large courtyard leading to a expertly landscaped backyard. This high end residence is boasting with luxury and elegance and has a tropical island feel to it. A spectacular home worthy to be anyone’s dream home, made possible by Kollin Altomare Architects.

slyngstad bedroom interiors

Ready to move into your dream or vacation home. Check out the Slyngstad Residence, you are sure to be pleasantly impressed.

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