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Nuvole Vagabonde

nuvole vagabonde light lightingMartinelli Luce creates fabulous lighting. The Nuvole Vagabonde is one of theirs that has caught our eye. This hanging light looks very similar to an artichoke. A stunning glowing artichoke. The delicate looking white opal methacrylate diffusers create the gorgeous lighting effect. The fixture has a soft soothing glow to it. The frame and rods are made with stunning chromed metal.

The Nuvole Vagabonde, by Elio Martinelli, is available as a hanging light, floor lamp, or table lamp.  A great sized lamp at 70hx160d. This lamp would look amazing above a dining table or as the centerpiece of a room. Nuvole Vagabonde, a befitting name since the hanging light appears to float softly in the air. Get this lamp in the size you need at Martinelli Luce.

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