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All of sudden tile has become elegant and luxurious. Picking tile now has become comparative to choosing a great wine; taste, visual effect, and a lingering appreciation. Two of our favorites from Villeroy and Boch are the Bernina Decoline and the New Glory tiles.

bernina decoline tile interiors

Bernina Decoline tiles are made of vilbo stone. The Bernina group is matte, slightly textured porcelain stoneware tiles. It comes in 4 different decor designs; Bernina Wall, Motions, Lines, Square and are available in various colors. These tiles have the appearance of quarzite natural stone and can fit into any room in your home. From your dining room to a luxurious bath, they bring a feeling of modernity to any room.

new glory tile interiors

The New Glory tiles are stylishly decorated. With a silk brocaded pattern, they are the epitome of high class and elegance. The tiles closely resemble silk or fabric wallpaper from the Elizabethan Era. New Glory comes as pictured in black and white and also is available in cream and Bordeaux.

 Learn more about these exquisite new tiles at Villeroy and Boch.

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2 Comments so far to “Villeroy and Boch Tiles”
  1. Bill Rothschild Says:

    We are redoing our kitchen and wish to use a light blue Villeroy Boch 8 /8 inch wall tile. We would like to get a sample of the tile to be sure it matches our new granite counter top.

    Can you help to get this tile?

    Alma and Bill Rothschild

  2. HDF Says:

    @Bill – Unfortunately we do not manufacture any of the products featured on this site. For more information on the products please follow the links to the manufacturer or go to your local showroom for more information. Thank you.

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