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Top 5 Lights

mag lighting

First is the wonderful light above. The brainchild of designer Andrew Aoisio, this light uses old magazines to create the lamp shade itself and bent iron rods to create the structure of the base. Sticking with magazine theme, the base also doubles up as a magazine rack!

These cute little lamps below have been featured on quite a few interiors blogs recently but they are still worth a mention. They would be ideal for kids rooms or a conservatory or sunroom but even better for video game geeks who remember the sweet mushrooms in the game Mario.

mario lighting

This next light is an elegant choice for those that are into understated chic. The glass beads of the light shade are allow some light through the front but the light is mainly cast upwards towards the ceiling and down towards the floor.

beads lighting

The simple light below is an eco-friendly light, made from recycled paper and is available in blue as well as pink.

buterflys lighting

The light below is a bit of fun for the garden! It will jazz up any garden party and adds a nice but of surrealism to the area.

flower lighting

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