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Tips On How To Clean Glass

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Modern design is a great thing, we all know that!

However, sometimes it can be hard to know what the best way to take care of an item is. How do you clean that side table? What’s the best way to polish the cabinet in the bathroom? Does this sound familiar…?

Today’s post will look at how to clean glass and that includes glass cabinet doors, glass tables, windows or any other glass surface you have in your home:

-For an effective, cheap and environmentally friendly cleaning solution mix two parts water with one part vinegar. Adjust this accordingly if you are dealing with though stains and add more vinegar. Some people also like to use dish washing liquid if a stain is hard to beat.

Don’t worry about your home smelling of vinegar, the smell soon evaporates once the windows or glass are clean!

Prepare the surface you plan to clean by going over it to remove any traces of dust before you begin the wet clean. If there is dust there when you begin cleaning with the vinegar solution it will contaminate the cloth.

– For jobs that are smaller like cleaning mirrors or glass tables you will find that using a spray bottle will give you the best results. You will also need the same lint-free towel and a micro-fibre cloth as mention before.

Spray the solution onto the surface and then use the lint-free towel to pick up the majority of the dirt and liquid.

Once you have done this finish the job off by gently going over the surface with the micro-fiber cloth.

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– For bigger glass cleaning jobs like large surfaces such as windows you will need a squeegee, a lint free towel, a bucket, a normal sponge and a special micro-fiber cloth created especially for using on glass.

-To clean picture frames simply spray a small amount of solution straight onto the micro-fiber cloth and polish.

-Try not to clean windows in direct sunlight as the sun makes the window dry unevenly and too quickly which leaves streaks on the surface. If you do want to clean in direct sunlight use a squeegee.

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