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Giveaway Reminder: 7 Interior Design Books for Free

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Just wanted to give everyone a quick reminder that there are 16 days left to enter the design book giveaway.  These books are valued at over $200 dollars in total.  Would be a great gift for anyone interested in design.  All you have to do is leave a commnent if you are already signed up to our newsletter.   Comment before time runs out!

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11 Comments so far to “Giveaway Reminder: 7 Interior Design Books for Free”
  1. Alper Says:

    I really want that book. Though I want a luxury bathroom :-)

  2. mariyana Says:

    7 interior design books for free sounds really good to me :) I’ll be happy if that is my Christmas present :)

  3. Misti Says:

    I really want that book

  4. Nicole Says:

    These would look great on the shelves in my office!

  5. Jenny Says:

    My husband and I have been updating houses for 30 years and are just a few more away from buying land and building our dream home. We do most of the work ourselves, learning new skills with each project. And we can even wallpaper together! These books would be an invaluable resource for dreaming!

  6. Dann Says:

    looking at design pictures mesmerizes me, it is my daily fix! i need those books!

  7. krishna Says:


  8. Darlington Sakwa Says:

    I am a DIY hobbyist and keen on designing and changing home designs for myself and my friends. I will greatly appreciate these books.

    I hope they are downloadable


  9. Kate Says:

    This is the most amazing looking book.

  10. sahara Says:

    I really want that book

  11. Rado Says:

    Looks amazing let’s see if it’s really worht subscribing for