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Definitely worth checking out this week is

A little like a design-based Craigslist, its a place for people who love ‘mid-century modern furniture’ and all the accessories and random objects it entails. You are also going to love it if you’re into the vintage too. has been designed to be used by both buyers and sellers of art, interior decoration items, and furniture. Not only can you find stuff to buy on the site, you can also find a lot of useful and practical information as well.

Melanie Carlson, owner of Lushpad, is an award winning graphic designer and creative director and here, she explains why she set up her site:

“When I bought my first home in Vancouver, I realized I couldn’t afford the designer furniture I love. I got an idea for a website for secondary market designer furniture for people who, like myself, want showroom furniture but can’t afford showroom prices. I had similar issues with my fairly extensive art collection. Now that I had a new home some of my art didn’t fit, but how do you find an appreciative audience who may want to buy it? I wanted Lushpad to be a resource for learning more about good design and smart collecting. I guess you could call Lushpad part gallery, part auction house and part design magazine. Lushpad is a lifestyle.”

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Right now Lushpad has got a great competition running in which you can win an original Eames chair worth over $750, so why not head over there and have a good snoop around.

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