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Easy Product Line by Santandrea Arredi

easy product line storage organization

Santandrea Arredi creates exquisite furnishings for the day zone. They produce custom made products for each client in classic and modern style. One of their stunning lines is the Easy Product Line, which consists of modular storage units. It’s modules when placed together look like clean modern art. They act as functional creative storage and the focal points of the room. The modules can be accentuated with thick wall panels and libraries. Room dividers, desks, cabinets, and shelves all in a staggering form of beauty and art.

easy line white storage organization

The Easy Product Line is customized in various shapes and sizes. Finishes are available in dark oak, light oak, white and a large array of colors in matte or glossy lacquer. Find out more information at Santandrea Arredi.

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    simply love your designs!!!!

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