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Inga Sempe Brosse Storage Units

storage units storage organization

Here’s a unique way to hide storage spaces in plain site. A feminine flair makes the storage units ideal for a woman’s dressing room or bedroom. The thick layered bristles hide an aluminum structure with white or black shelves underneath. The long bristles give the appearance of hair covering the structures, giving a dramatic flowing look for an amazing product. You could easily hide away anything you don’t want out in the open with the Inga Sempe Brosse Storage Units.

inga sempe brosse storage units storage organization

The units come in two sizes 140 x 40 or 175 x 50. With the Inga Sempe Brosse Storage Units, the bristles act as your doors for this shelving system. This is a beautiful interesting addition for storage and organization options. Check out the storage units at Edra.

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