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Monos Wall Unit

misuraemme entertainment center storage organization

The Monos Wall Unit by Misuraemme is unlike any, we’ve seen, out on the market right now. This sleek modular unit uses a system of horizontal items; including shelves, storage drawers, a handy bar, and place for a large inset flat screen television. Men will love this one Winking! It’s capable of a smorgasbord of all your entertainment needs in one neat organized place. Monos is ideal for someone with a multi-purpose living room, needing or wanting a sophisticated piece of furniture to house all their media. Quite a welcomed change from the bulky armoire-like entertainment centers we used to have Applause.

This unit has a protruding base which contains large storage drawers. The panels on this model are reflective glass that lift up for access. If you’re tired of not having anywhere to display or hide all your items in your living space, then this will definitely impress you. The Monos Wall unit can be found in white or black and can be seen at Misuraemme.

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