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Ludwig Sideboard

ludwig sideboard dining entertaining

Whether you are in the market for a sideboard or not, the Ludwig will make you find a place for it. The sideboard is the essence of simplicity and functionality. The Ludwig has no unnecessary details, everything on and in it has a use. Using a Dual Flap system, in one seamless movement the front panel tilts down & retracts while the top edge lifts up to reveal the interior. This is one super cool, sideboard Cool.

The back light and interior lighting emphasizes the beauty and shape of the Ludwig. It seems to draw your eyes straight to it, almost beckoning you to touch it Hypnotized. It appears to be one large compartment, but upon closer examination it has thin chrome frames plus transparent glass drawers and shelves. The top and door have 9 available finishes to choose from and is available in 2 versions; Basic (white matte) and Plus(combination of shiny stainless steel and chrome), so it can be matched to almost any design. See more images of the different versions and finishes at Architonic.

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