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Burgbad Diva Bathroom

burgbad diva bed bath

Distinguished, privileged, exquisite, classy these are the terms generally used to describe a “Diva”. So they are equally fitting for this bathroom by Burgbad…the Diva. The prima donna of bathrooms would leave any woman at a loss for words. Comprised of stunning furniture and an elegant large freestanding tub, this is one fabulous boudoir.

burgbad diva tub bed bath

Just like a diva, this bathroom demands lots of attention. With beautiful swarovski crystal handles, it’ll be pretty hard not to stare at it. It has a large washbasin and a luxury make-up table with fold away mirror and make-up compartments hidden in swivel side compartments. This stylish classic bathroom is only available at Burgbad. The Diva will have you too, floating on cloud nine.

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