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  • Thumbnail image of Foa Porte Synthesy

    Foa Porte Synthesy

    The Synthesy door is an unexpected beautiful change from the normal door. First look, gives remembrance of the elegant Japanese Shoji doors. The Synthesy is just as elegant but it is made out of laminated clear or frosted glass with assorted melted glass applications and decorations. The glass is handmade by Foa Porte’s expert glass-makers, […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Oikos Synua Door

    Oikos Synua Door

    Now, here’s a door that should be talked about. Synua is a flushed steel-reinforced door built with a vertically balanced adjustable pin. In other words, it swings vertically open. It’s a new spin on the swinging door! The beautifully evolved design and customizable options make for one fabulous door . Synua can be customized just […]

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