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Contemporary Kitchen: System 30

system 30 kitchen

System 30 is a sleek new kitchen by SCIC. It is an impressive collaboration of high quality materials and modern design. System 30 is a nice change from the mass produced “cookie cutter” kitchens and a much welcomed design in kitchen elegance. The kitchen is characterized by 30mm thick leaf or coplanar doors and colors and decorative effects using SCIC’s Techno Digital System.

system 30 white kitchen

This kitchen by SCIC, is a kitchen suited for any living space and any cook. With stunning decorative effects and advanced technologies, System 30 can adapt to your creative personality. See more design choices for System 30 at SCIC.

system 30 side kitchen

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  1. Dirbtinis Says:

    Great counter top

  2. Vinod Says:

    its beautyfull with lot of poosh looks
    can i have the interiors web adress plz.

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