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  • Thumbnail image of Mikiya Kobayashi Design

    Mikiya Kobayashi Design

    Mr. Mikiya Kobayashi, till last month, was sharing the same portion of the office with me, among many other young designers.  He has an especially high degree of completion as well as attention to detail and therefore a good evaluation. Today I would like to introduce four of his works.

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  • Thumbnail image of Japanese History by DEROLL

    Japanese History by DEROLL

    Of the many exhibitions that took place this year, the one that was most talked about was most likely the “Japanese History” exhibition.  These works used Ii Naosuke as a motif.  He guided Japan from being nationally isolated to being opened up by using forceful leadership as an important person to the “Edo Bakufu,” the […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Tokyo Weekly: Design Tide

    Tokyo Weekly: Design Tide

    Written by Keiji Ashizawa Translated by Hannah Hernandez This is the third year for Design tide. Up till last year they were exhibiting in buildings under construction and vacant stadium spaces which served as a message in itself. This year they were exhibited at an event space located on the basement floor of a shopping […]

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