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Mikiya Kobayashi Design

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Mr. Mikiya Kobayashi, till last month, was sharing the same portion of the office with me, among many other young designers.  He has an especially high degree of completion as well as attention to detail and therefore a good evaluation.
Today I would like to introduce four of his works.

mikiya kobayashi 2 tokyo weekly
“MOV” is a piece he worked on when he was still a student. A chair that stands upright in sand by sticking the leg of the chair in a round hole in the sand.
mikiya kobayashi chair tokyo weekly
“Cielo” is a piece made of a cleanly colored small round pole frame and tou (a weaved material). Although it is an unlikely combination, it unexpectedly adapts to its space.
mikiya kobayashi soccer balls tokyo weekly
The soccer ball made for SOFIDA,  http://www.sfidasports.com/ was a cooperative effort with graphic designer Takeo Nakano.   First a new logo for SOFIDA was created then that logo was then expanded onto the soccer ball.
mikiya kobayashi chopsticks tokyo weekly
Floating chopsticks “ukihashi” is a chopstick that doesn’t need a chopstick placer. These discovery like ideas can be acquired at the MOMA shop.

Last month he won a product competition held at a place in Japan called Fuji, and started a cooperative effort with a big furniture company “Karimoku.” Next year one of his pieces will be produced by an Italian furniture company.  For someone doing such big things, sharing an office with me became too small, and therefore he moved to a new office last month. More and more I pray for his development.

Mikiya Kobayashi Design

Written by Keiji Ashizawa
Translated by Hannah Hernandez

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